How do we support Agriculture?

Our group companies are organized into four business units and one holding company. Each unit deals with a specif field in agriculture, supporting the industry in powerful ways.

Plantcare Business Unit
Plantcare Business Unit

  1. Inochio Plantcare Inc.
  2. Kawai Hiryo Inc.
  3. Landscience Co., Ltd.

Agro-chemical sales and farming support.

The Plantcare Business Unit supports the production sites through the sale of pesticides, fertilizers and agricultural material. As “plant doctors” we ensure the health of the soil and crop, supporting a sustainable method of agriculture.

  • Agro-chemicals and fertilizer sales

    We analyze crops for pests and diseases and provide the best method for treatment. We also offer soil analysis, guiding our clients to the best soil conditions they can have.

  • Crop planning and consulting

    We provide pest control plans for the whole growth cycle. We also offer integrated pest management, which uses natural enemies and microbial pesticides.

  • Sustainable agriculture

    We conduct tests and research to develop environmentally friendly products, that are safe to the consumer, and less stressful on the soil and crop.

Agri Business Unit
Agri Business Unit

  1. Inochio Agri Inc.
  2. Inochio Logistics Inc.

Greenhouse planning and farming supplies.

The Agri Business Unit deals with the construction of greenhouses. We also offer a wide variety of farming supplies, ensuring optimum yield.

  • Greenhouse business

    Planning, manufacturing, and construction; we offer all services in house! We help customers build the perfect greenhouse offering aftercare services, including maintenance and management advice.

  • Field improvement

    New technologies are improving the way we manage crops. We provide systems that translate to efficient and stable yield in your sites. Planning, installation, and support is included.

  • Greenhouse renovation

    Advancements in the technological field help us reduce energy use and labor. We offer renovation deals that significantly improve management efficiency.

Flower Business Unit
Flowers Business Unit

  1. Inochio Seikoen Inc.
  2. Inochio Flora Inc.
  3. Floritec
  4. Inochio Fujiplants Inc.
  5. Inochio Suzuki Young Plants Inc.

Flowers breeding and production.

The Flower Business Unit specializes in flower breeding, selling breeding rights and seedlings to countries all over the world. We have a selection of chrysanthemum, carnation and roses.

  • Breeding and testing

    We have developed more than 5,000 chrysanthemum varieties. Breeding takes three to five years and we offer a lineup of carefully selected flowers. Plants are multiplied overseas and sold to farmers all over the world.

  • Seedling sales

    We offer seedlings based on each customer's environment and climmate. Each year we hold exhibitions where customers can see the flowers upclose. We conduct sales on more than 10 countries abroad!

  • Cut flower business

    We also cultivate our varieties in-house, sending cut flowers to markets all over Japan. By gathering feedback from the market, we improve our own breeding proccess, in turn offering better varieties to customers.

Farms Business Unit
Farms Business Unit

  1. Inochio Nougei Inc.
  2. Inochio Mirai Inc.
  3. Agripark Nanyou Inc.

Tomato production and management training.

The Farm Business Unit manages production, human development, and business support to farmers. We evaluate the management process, developing human resources, and sustainable agricultural business models.

  • Farm management advice

    We support new farmers, providing classes on management and cultivation techniques. We also offer our expertise and data to farmers and companies.

  • Improving business models

    We focus on improving cultivation methods and labor management. By collaborating with the Marketing Business Unit, we formulate models that comprise production to distribution.

  • Next generation farming

    We promote advanced technologies in the community through the systematic production and sales of high-quality products.


  1. Inochio Holdings Inc.

Group management and support

Inochio Holdings manages the entire group and formulates strategies while building new business models.

  • General Management

    Apart from managing the entire group, Inochio Holdings also deals with public affairs, marketing, and system operations. We make sure each Business Unit can operate smoothly

  • Support to new businesses

    We visit our customers' production sites, providing them with helpful information on cultivation.

  • Human development

    We stimulate the growth of each employee, focusing on developing new skills and improving collaboration between sectors.