SDGs commitment

Inochio Group is committed to implementing the SDGs (sustainable development goals) shared by the United Nations. Our mission is to contribute to sustainable agriculture and the welfare of all people, by practicing eco-friendly agriculture and developing and disseminating new technologies.

What are the SDGs?

The SDGs are 17 sustainable development goals adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, aiming to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.


Agro Innovation

Drone classes

Inochio Plantcare offers classes on drone usage in agriculture. Drones help farmers reduce the use of pesticides and labor on crops.

Drone classes page (Japanese)

Low-energy, labor-saving facilities

Inochio Agri promotes eco-friendly facilities by providing irrigation and pest control automation, LED and heat pumps, and developing low-cost, high-endurance greenhouses.


Customer Safety

Pest and soil analysis

We offer crop planning based on individual pest and soil analysis. By promoting adequate usage of pesticides and integrated crop management, we support the production of safe and reliable products.

Analysis homepage (Japanese)
What is integrated crop management?

Integrated pest management or ICM is a system of crop production that conserves natural resources while producing food in an economically viable way.

Good Agricultural Practices

GAP or Good Agricultural Practices are founded on the three pillars of food safety, work safety, and environmental protection.

Inochio Group has acquired the GLOBALG.A.P. certificate for its production sites. We also support GAP activities on local colleges, promoting it to the community.


Social Contribution

Management Training

We support new farmers, offering training and the necessary ties for managing crops as a newcomer.

Farmer Support

Our data and research on crop managing enable us to offer concrete advice to our customers.

Zoo donations

Inochio Farm donates tomatoes that fail to meet market specifications (size, scratches) to local zoos.

Community Contribution

We help our community by promoting sports events, such as marathon competitions. We also encourage our employee's physical activities through club activities!

Corporate Health

Health and productivity Certification

Inochio Holdings, Agri, and Plantcare won the Corporate Health Achievement 2020 certification by the Nippon Kenkou Kaigi.

Sports Promotion

We promote local sports events and club activities to our employees. We encourage social interaction through sports, which brings many benefits to the mind and body.

Inochio Health Seminar

We regularly invite specialists on women's health and fitness counselors, providing our employees with dedicated seminars on well-being.

Health Mileage App

We collaborated with the city of Toyohashi, offering our employees a step-tracking app, where they can exchange their walking miles with store items.

Toyohashi Mileage app (Japanese)